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I love the idea of being my own Boss.  Start in 2006 became Avon Rep. I am still doing Alteration for Family and Friend  part-time turn into full-time. 

I am look forward to hearing from you soon! And when you are in Key West.  Look me up where I can  meet all your Sewing and Avon Needs. 
My products and services
  • Sewing Handmade Bags and Baby Cloth's
  • Alteration and Sewing for the Military
  • Avon and Mark product on Hand
Contact Us
Elizabethj ® 1922 Harris Ave, Key West,FL 33040
All Season Skin Care Always

Go to Products and see what I have on hand. 
Buy, Sell and Try Avon
Contact Us
Let me how much and where you want send. Paypal bill will be send.
Avon Natural Body Care Pink Daisy & Lemon 2/body lotion, 2/shower gel, 2/spray mist & Bubble delight blushing kiss.
​value $50  asking $15 go to: products.