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abstute  V $22 on sale $15 2
haiku Reflection IS 2

Avon foot works IS 3
Elizabethj Products
Over Stock Avon. All of the products we offer are from trusted brands and can be delivered to you within 2-3 business days.

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The fresh and clean fragrance of Haiku Reflection Eau de Parfum takes you to a cool and balanced moment of mindfulness.
Find your Zen V$42 
beautiful-ginger & white tea smoothing scrub, nourishing Cream, clay mask 
Planet Spa 3/pcs  
Make bath Room a Spa or treat your guess.  Body Wash, Bath Salt, Body Butter. w/Dead Sea Minerals 
Mark FW 4/set
beautiful -pineapple Chill lotion 2- scrub and cooling spray
Avon in Box
Check out home page Great to Try Avon Buy Sell  email me $10
Avon in the Box
Avon * The Faces shop   New sample set $5 
Rice Water Bright - foaming Cleanser CICA recovery, Veilment Natural sea salt, Anti-Aging Formla
Avon antibacterial hand gel w/hang your bag 
Avon Moisture Therapy
Moisture Therapy 3/pcs set
for extra dry shin.   1- Bonu size pump, 1 hand cream, w/ Cream 
Avon * The Faces shop  
Avon Magix face perfector
with SPF/FSS 20 
Use on top or under foundation or together 
Nutr efecte
Skin so Soft 7oz spray w/extra refill 16oz or 24oz
SSS Org Oil
Timeless Avon classics collection