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Hemming as is.  Wedding, Prom, act 

​One layer               $15
Two layer               $30
Three                     $45

Pants                     $15

Dress                     $15

Repair                   $12 or Up 

Taken in or out depend what is need Flat rate       $25 hr

Elizabethj Services
At Elizabethj, I take care to provide our customers high quality services personalized for their unique needs. AVON order is available to take your order 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.I can meet all you sewing need.   I add on Fabric Design by Me,   Also Fabric Sale.  I am one.
Alteration and Sewing  
Sewing Project
Downtown Handbag
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Fabric Design on-line only
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by Me  Irma
Hand made by Elizabethj    

Add Bridget Art
Made for Avon - mime hand sanitize Gel $10 only  4 left email me  with free refill 
I also Knit and crochet with my sewing. 
All  from StrongTalent Women in my family!
Right now Prayer shawls  This one has a home. 

I only do pillow or cover for Friends. It's not I have no time. I don't have the room to do the work.
 Sorry   For BIG project I will send you to  http://www.tropicalfabricsonline.com
They do Great Job and they have the room. (305)296-9830